Hear what our customers have to say about Tronix Country

The greatest satisfaction we can have is making our customers happy. The following recordings are real Tronix Country customers talking about the company and their experiences with us. We hope to one day include you among this growing and happy group.
LoraP        Listen
MaryD        Listen
LindaD        Listen
BeverlyW        Listen
CorinthiaM        Listen
PatriciaO        Listen
LaurenS        Listen
CathyW        Listen
SaundreR        Listen
DottieA        Listen
NancyW        Listen
DanielF        Listen
GretaW        Listen
LarryM        Listen
TravenaH        Listen
PatriciaK        Listen
AprielS        Listen
ZacharyM        Listen
GloriaD        Listen
KiethM        Listen
AndreaB        Listen
MildredC        Listen
LuzR        Listen
YvonneV        Listen
DennisR        Listen
GilbertH        Listen
VictoriaB        Listen
RaymondF        Listen
JuliusT        Listen
PatriciaL        Listen
WillieH        Listen
LarryD        Listen
JerryP        Listen
LarryB        Listen
RonaldB        Listen
RonaldP        Listen
CandisC        Listen
TheresaG        Listen
EugeneM        Listen
GwendolynC        Listen
MamieK        Listen
MargaretS        Listen
JohnB        Listen
GregoryQ        Listen
MaryS        Listen
EricP        Listen
JuliusB        Listen
JuanitaM        Listen
EdithW        Listen
DeborahS        Listen
DomoniqueH        Listen
OscarB        Listen
LeonE        Listen
FreddieW        Listen
DirkC        Listen
RonaldA        Listen
RuthH        Listen
VanceS        Listen
WendyM        Listen
CharlotteD        Listen
JamesL        Listen
DennisR        Listen
BabetteD        Listen
LindaM        Listen
ElizabethS        Listen
PamelaD        Listen
IrisM        Listen
DeniseJ        Listen
CharleneL        Listen
ViolaG        Listen
LarryB        Listen
MarciaA        Listen
GuadalupeQ        Listen
LloydE        Listen
CynthiaR        Listen
MargieD        Listen
JackieS        Listen
MaryF        Listen
ShirleyG        Listen
RhodaH        Listen
CarolynF        Listen
BarbaraB        Listen
EnosM        Listen
JamesR        Listen
RhonaS        Listen
SallyS        Listen
PatriciaJ        Listen
RickyB        Listen
DeborahW        Listen
SoniaB        Listen
StevenM        Listen
AgnesW        Listen
JosephB        Listen
BonnieM        Listen
SylvesterR        Listen
AliceJ        Listen
BrunhildaJ        Listen
EvaF        Listen
MasuidiS        Listen
SueW        Listen
DorothyJ        Listen
JulieG        Listen
LeAndreaT        Listen
HughS        Listen
MaxineF        Listen
LisaH        Listen
AngelG        Listen
ElizabethS        Listen
SharlotteB        Listen
ErnestineW        Listen
JamesM        Listen
DanW        Listen
PatriciaH        Listen
MarioL        Listen
AndreaV        Listen
JacquelineC        Listen
SandyJ        Listen
AndreC        Listen
LeslieW        Listen
DorethaS        Listen
DorethaS        Listen
BerthaS        Listen
LorraineB        Listen
SharonH        Listen
VictoriaW        Listen
GeraldineK        Listen
BarbaraS        Listen
PhyllisH        Listen
JoyceR        Listen
WalterJ        Listen
PaulP        Listen
LindaM        Listen
LametraA        Listen
AndresO        Listen
DanielP        Listen
KimberlyK        Listen
JosephD        Listen
RachelS        Listen
AnnC        Listen
PamelaC        Listen
OtisS        Listen
MariahJ        Listen
VernitaD        Listen
ChiquittaS        Listen
RafaelM        Listen
JohnW        Listen
JulieL        Listen
HattieD        Listen
JillL        Listen
ThomasH        Listen
DeannaR        Listen
EarleneD        Listen
ZelarieA        Listen
EarleneD        Listen
ElizabethW        Listen
VernitaD        Listen
ReginaO        Listen
GinetteT        Listen
BarbaraW        Listen
DonaG        Listen
PatriciaR        Listen
PatriciaR        Listen
KevinL        Listen
DianaV        Listen
ElaineC        Listen
NancyO        Listen
JonathonC        Listen
TeresaS        Listen
MichaelC        Listen
GeorgeF        Listen
GeorgeF        Listen
PatriciaB        Listen
LindaS        Listen
MichaelW        Listen
VanessaP        Listen
GloriaR        Listen
DaveC        Listen
RitaE        Listen
LashawnC        Listen
NakemaS        Listen
PatriciaH        Listen
DeliaV        Listen
VernessaT        Listen
CarlM        Listen
ChristellaV        Listen
MaxineF        Listen
LindaE        Listen
AnitaR        Listen
ReginaH        Listen
BrendaH        Listen
JaniceP        Listen
JudithR        Listen
VerleC        Listen
JerryM        Listen
JosephM        Listen
MargaretH        Listen
LizzieB        Listen
PatriciaJ        Listen
AubreyV        Listen
EthelW        Listen
PatriciaW        Listen
DeniseS        Listen
PromiseU        Listen
DorothyJ        Listen
AliciaG        Listen
DorothyW        Listen
ChristinaG        Listen
AltheaB        Listen
VershawB        Listen
RubyM        Listen
LemuelB        Listen
DarleneJ        Listen
Laur-LynF        Listen
JoshuaJ        Listen
SandyC        Listen
VickieT        Listen
KathrynS        Listen
DonnaS        Listen
CarolJ        Listen
WillideneW        Listen
RichardL        Listen
GeraldineC        Listen
DeborahC        Listen
MelvinG        Listen
BrendaC        Listen
TammyR        Listen
KathrynL        Listen
CarmenS        Listen
StefanieP        Listen
RoyW        Listen
MichaelG        Listen
DonaldG        Listen
GeorgeS        Listen
SylviaP        Listen
MichaelA        Listen
RichardH        Listen
KarenW        Listen
FrancineH        Listen
AnnetteJ        Listen
MaryB        Listen
AnnieM        Listen
ClaudetteB        Listen
KimberleyW        Listen
CassandraC        Listen
CarltonG        Listen
MaryB        Listen
CherylC        Listen
GloriaD        Listen
JerrieS        Listen
AaronW        Listen
JohnnieM        Listen
VelmaR        Listen
DeloresM        Listen
SusanaR        Listen
RichardL        Listen
WilmaT        Listen
ReginaldW        Listen
SoniaB        Listen
SylviaE        Listen
WandaB        Listen
JeannieM        Listen
EarnestineS        Listen
KarenH        Listen
LucasF        Listen
DorisH        Listen
MackeyB        Listen
CatherineM        Listen
SusanS        Listen
PatrickM        Listen
KrystalA        Listen
AugustineM        Listen
SharonS        Listen
SarahK        Listen
AnitaR        Listen
MaryO        Listen
CherylB        Listen
DeborahG        Listen
DeloresM        Listen
GG        Listen
LeahN        Listen
EvelynT        Listen
VanessaK        Listen
CatherineM        Listen
JaniceC        Listen
WendyB        Listen
LindaW        Listen
HaroldJ        Listen
RubyL        Listen
LavernW        Listen
SoniaB        Listen
MonaR        Listen
DanielR        Listen
ChristelW        Listen
JerryG        Listen
DebraM        Listen
AthenaT        Listen
PeggyH        Listen
CharlesS        Listen
ValisaG        Listen
RG        Listen
InezW        Listen
BelindaG        Listen
RobertM        Listen
RobertV        Listen
EllsworthH        Listen
DorothyH        Listen
ErnestP        Listen
ThomasL        Listen
DorindaS        Listen
DarrellR        Listen
AlfredC        Listen
MarkB        Listen
LindaJ        Listen
SheliaS        Listen
RichardH        Listen
JamesB        Listen
GracieB        Listen
TheklaT        Listen
SusanC        Listen
NathanB        Listen
DonnaM        Listen
VenusJ        Listen
SK        Listen
LindaC        Listen
LindaS        Listen
MB        Listen
MarthaT        Listen
SamuelW        Listen
LashonC        Listen
TinaE        Listen
MarkT        Listen
MargaretW        Listen
SherwinM        Listen
DarleneH        Listen
EleanorP        Listen
KeithC        Listen
EddieB        Listen
AnitaK        Listen
CedricA        Listen
JudithB        Listen
GlendaD        Listen
MohamedS        Listen
JoyceO        Listen
RosalieB        Listen
PhyllisB        Listen
FrankC        Listen
DorothyM        Listen
GeraldB        Listen
JoeyS        Listen
SioneM        Listen
LouiseB        Listen
KellyM        Listen
JohnL        Listen
SheriL        Listen
SuenoriaW        Listen
InezS        Listen
AltonJ        Listen
ChantelR        Listen
TeresaN        Listen
MaryH        Listen
EstherS        Listen
SandraF        Listen
PaulW        Listen
DereckM        Listen
EricF        Listen
KarenA        Listen
SudieI        Listen
LindaE        Listen
LenoraS        Listen
JaniceR        Listen
CarolynS        Listen
DemetriusS        Listen
BettyH        Listen
CarolynH        Listen
AnnieM        Listen
MargaretJ        Listen
HazellaR        Listen
ContinaB        Listen
ElizabethJ        Listen
SylviaA        Listen
TioP        Listen
JohnC        Listen
TeneeishaJ        Listen
SylviaA        Listen
GavinS        Listen
LindaC        Listen
GenevaG        Listen
BonitaA        Listen
BarbaraP        Listen
ElizabethW        Listen
CynthiaS        Listen
CharlotteW        Listen
YelenaH        Listen
MoniqueE        Listen
AnthonyS        Listen
DamonJ        Listen
WilliamR        Listen
CarolynS        Listen
MarilynJ        Listen
Willie MaeH        Listen
TommyF        Listen
JosephL        Listen
ShielaC        Listen
LisaL        Listen
HennrietteE        Listen
BennieH        Listen
DwayneH        Listen
EugeneS        Listen
CurtisR        Listen
LouiseG        Listen
CynthiaH        Listen
MichaelM        Listen
Janice T        Listen
TrovoyM        Listen
AliceM        Listen
JohnT        Listen
SharonW        Listen
MillieS        Listen
RobertG        Listen
ByronS        Listen
TinaB        Listen
KeithF        Listen
SherryK        Listen
ElizabethV        Listen
InezeE        Listen
JhonnalD        Listen
BridgettP        Listen
KellyH        Listen
MattR        Listen
MinieE        Listen
BeverlyJ        Listen
LoriE        Listen
FrankR        Listen
LeonardB        Listen
WilbertJ        Listen
StevenJ        Listen
MinnieW        Listen
OtissaD        Listen
DarylW        Listen
JannieC        Listen
DeniseM        Listen
GladysM        Listen
JanetteS        Listen
DorothyS        Listen
DavidW        Listen
CarmelisaH        Listen
ImogeneS        Listen
ShirleyG        Listen
KarenH        Listen
RosettaL        Listen
ChereC        Listen
WandaS        Listen
JanellH        Listen
PatriciaT        Listen
ShirleyH        Listen
SalvatoreT        Listen
CherylD        Listen
GwendolynP        Listen
LauraC        Listen
EvelineJ        Listen
PatriciaC        Listen
BillyB        Listen
LisaB        Listen
IsraelG        Listen
MindiB        Listen
WayneU        Listen
JacobE        Listen
CurtisL        Listen
ScottC        Listen
JamesR        Listen
ReginaH        Listen
RonP        Listen
PatriciaB        Listen
BeckyJ        Listen
LeeAnnD        Listen
HazellaR        Listen
MarleneW        Listen
DianneS        Listen
FrederickM        Listen
WesleyH        Listen
WilliamS        Listen
TeresaS        Listen
GregoryM        Listen
VictoriaB        Listen
InezeE        Listen
NormanC        Listen
NormaB        Listen
DelseniaP        Listen
CarolynM        Listen
MagdalaF        Listen
JamesH        Listen
MichaelB        Listen
MaleishaD        Listen
FredaS        Listen
JamesC        Listen
TammyB        Listen
DanielB        Listen
EthelB        Listen
RoyF        Listen
PhyllisJ        Listen
DemetricH        Listen
DemetricH        Listen
GaryK        Listen
AndrewG        Listen
DouglasA        Listen
AlbertS        Listen
SusanS        Listen
MichaelR        Listen
LugeneW        Listen
CorinthiaM        Listen
MichaelW        Listen
SamanthaK        Listen
JackB        Listen
JohnF        Listen
ReginaldJ        Listen
DarleneJ        Listen
MarcD        Listen
NancyB        Listen
PamelaR        Listen
GlenK        Listen
MichaelW        Listen
IreneB        Listen
RickyH        Listen
OluwoleA        Listen
GretchenR        Listen
WilliamH        Listen
RamonaT        Listen
JohnE        Listen
AprilO        Listen
PatriciaW        Listen
StevieK        Listen
RobertP        Listen
PaulM        Listen
AprilW        Listen
RoyD        Listen
EricB        Listen
MaryF        Listen
AndreaP        Listen
BeverlyM        Listen
Claire-JoG        Listen
AndreW        Listen
RobertP        Listen
BobbieL        Listen
ShamoyaR        Listen
AnnetteW        Listen
LindaJ        Listen
CaroletaW        Listen
KarlaM        Listen
CarolK        Listen
LucilleS        Listen
CynthiaW        Listen
LeolaC        Listen
TiffanyP        Listen
JanineB        Listen
DorothieG        Listen
JeanP        Listen
YvonneC        Listen
RoscoeB        Listen
KerriW        Listen
BrendaS        Listen
ChenitaL        Listen
JamesK        Listen
JanineR        Listen
JoseM        Listen
MoniqueG        Listen
GombieM        Listen
AsaS        Listen
RonaldA        Listen
VintonL        Listen
CherylR        Listen
DavidS        Listen
EduardoM        Listen
JoanH        Listen
ElizabethB        Listen
ReginaB        Listen
BillyC        Listen
AlonzoP        Listen
HannibalT        Listen
CynthiaS        Listen
FrederickZ        Listen
PreciousW        Listen
PaulD        Listen
JamesB        Listen
DianneB        Listen
EileenT        Listen
SandraJ        Listen
TreneseC        Listen
RobertB        Listen
CarolR        Listen
ChrisL        Listen
KathyJ        Listen
TheodoreK        Listen
NormanC        Listen
SamiaG        Listen
LouiseG        Listen
PurvisG        Listen
ShirleyC        Listen
RichardH        Listen
WilmaW        Listen
JenniferR        Listen
NathifaM        Listen
WilmaE        Listen
JessieR        Listen
MelvinW        Listen
RobertR        Listen
LarryC        Listen
MaryD        Listen
LeonardH        Listen
JustineA        Listen
MichelleC        Listen
LouisG        Listen
DannyC        Listen
EdithK        Listen
DannyC        Listen
StephanieP        Listen
HelenC        Listen
ArthurJ        Listen
TheresaC        Listen
KeithB        Listen
KofiA        Listen
ShenkaL        Listen
RebeccaS        Listen
GaryD        Listen
AliciaI        Listen
DexterM        Listen
SaulG        Listen
MillieE        Listen
AntoniaM        Listen
CharlesO        Listen
JacquelineA        Listen
SheliaS        Listen
SandraW        Listen
TheresaS        Listen
LorenzoM        Listen
RobinY        Listen
EdwardW        Listen
DianneT        Listen
FabianN        Listen
GregoryM        Listen
AlesiaA        Listen
TamaraC        Listen
KevinH        Listen
TamaraC        Listen
CarolynM        Listen
JosephC        Listen
JoseU        Listen
JeromeD        Listen
JonathanM        Listen
CathleenC        Listen
JamesC        Listen
JosephY        Listen
JoetteW        Listen
MarciaE        Listen
SandraA        Listen
MildredW        Listen
RosieS        Listen
JacquelineT        Listen
IselaC        Listen
DelorisP        Listen
JonathanM        Listen
SylviaA        Listen
DianaR        Listen
TonyW        Listen
GerryZ        Listen
OliverL        Listen
MarionP        Listen
DebK        Listen
FrankR        Listen
RuthieM        Listen
KelvinD        Listen
SharonP        Listen
JeannieG        Listen
RuthieM        Listen
KwadwoA        Listen
RichardM        Listen
JeannieG        Listen
KelvinD        Listen
RichardM        Listen
AnitaK        Listen
SharonP        Listen
KwadwoA        Listen
JohnM        Listen
MaybellineR        Listen
MikeV        Listen
SusanaR        Listen
NathanF        Listen
JessicaR        Listen
CharlesG        Listen
DeloresS        Listen
DoloresV        Listen
DeloresS        Listen
JessicaR        Listen
MaybellineR        Listen
FrankR        Listen
NathanF        Listen
MaryD        Listen
SusanaR        Listen
MikeV        Listen
CindyH        Listen
WilliamR        Listen
MariaA        Listen
JE        Listen
WilliamR        Listen
SandraB        Listen
BerlineJ        Listen
TerryC        Listen
JuanitaE        Listen
DianneL        Listen
ErnestM        Listen
GustaviaR        Listen
CindyH        Listen
MariaA        Listen
CharlesG        Listen
ErnestM        Listen
ElizabethP        Listen
AngelaD        Listen
SalvadorR        Listen
MarieW        Listen
TabithaA        Listen
GustaviaR        Listen
SandraB        Listen
EP        Listen
SalvadorR        Listen
AngelaD        Listen
TabithaA        Listen
MarieW        Listen
JessicaR        Listen
MsM        Listen
StephenS        Listen
CarlaS        Listen
AnnaF        Listen
JohnC        Listen
RickyB        Listen
RowanJ        Listen
KimR        Listen
TimothyF        Listen
FatouC        Listen
TanyaP        Listen
PatriciaR        Listen
SarahS        Listen
CynthiaW        Listen
LindaC        Listen
YvonneS        Listen
TammyB        Listen
MarkM        Listen
SamuelM        Listen
HenriettaE        Listen
KennethC        Listen
EmmettS        Listen
SylviaJ        Listen
ElizabethS        Listen
DerrickJ        Listen
LaquishaD        Listen
CecilioR        Listen
BobbieC        Listen
CarolG        Listen
KennethJ        Listen
KennethP        Listen
DeloisC        Listen
RandyD        Listen
WalterW        Listen
HazelL        Listen
BettyF        Listen
ReumondD        Listen
AugustineB        Listen
MelvinM        Listen
BernieW        Listen
ArtinaR        Listen
LisaH        Listen
CharlesP        Listen
DotC        Listen
SandraM        Listen
AllisonP        Listen
EmmettP        Listen
ScottK        Listen
MyraG        Listen
SandraF        Listen
CarmenW        Listen
ByronG        Listen
LindaA        Listen
GregW        Listen
DorisS        Listen
EddieS        Listen
ElilaM        Listen
RachelG        Listen
AntonioC        Listen
CandiceE        Listen
IselaC        Listen
MariaA        Listen
JerryG        Listen
JasonB        Listen
DorthaS        Listen
ThomasL        Listen
DawnL        Listen
KennethS        Listen
BrendaM        Listen
RandyN        Listen
MariamB        Listen
MariamB        Listen
NathanielG        Listen
MarshaJ        Listen
ClaudiaK        Listen
CynthiaN        Listen
RosemaryZ        Listen
"I am fully satisfied with my product, I gave all my co-worker your number."
Melvin M
Charlotte, NC
"You have an outstanding company because you are true to your words."
Mariam B
Baytown, TX
"The Tronix Country Program came into my life at a time when I was just down in the dumps because I did not have any credit; they were nice enough to give me credit. It is a company that you can be proud to use any time. I am thankful and grateful and I thank you!"
Ineze E
Minneapolis, MN
"Well, I think your finance program is a very good program because it also helps you re-establish credit that has been damaged.
And then, the computer! Oh my goodness! It is absolutely magnificent!
And everyone that comes to my home, and they see it, they want to know, “how did I get a computer like that, and WHERE FROM???”
So I’ve been passing y’all number out. And I’m excited about telling them, because people need help...and y’all are giving it to them."
Augustine B
Pine Bluff, AR
"I needed a computer at the time and at the same time, I was looking for credit…
…So, Tronix Country killed two birds with one stone. So, I got my computer paid off. Everything came in a timely manner – there was no doubt about that.
And at the same time, my auto insurance went down, because my credit score went up!"
John M
Gueda Springs, KS
"It came today honey at nine o’clock. This is beautiful and it’s worth every penny of it.
God bless y’all and keep up the good work. And if I have to tell them, they can call me up and I’ll tell them...Matter fact, I got more than my money’s worth. Because if I would have gone to Best Buy...Whooo!
You know and plus...the great thing is – it’s like I said, the credit part. That’s excellent.
And I just want to thank you so much. And God forbid, I’m gonna stand here in front of this computer for the rest of my life.
No, I’m just kidding. I’m gonna have to get up sooner or later, but I’m just so excited and I’m happy. And thank you very much dear."
Tanya P
Newark, NJ
"I’ll tell you what – I honestly didn’t believe that it was true. I saw the adverts, heard about it and I said to myself, “You know what? I’m still going to take a risk,” because I so desperately wanted my credit to…
…I’m serious! The thing about it is this – one thing about Tronix, I notice is integrity.
And I can’t believe it. Today, I get the call saying my computer is on its way...
Get outta here! You know what? I am excited."
Candice E
West Columbia, SC
"God I’m just so excited about getting this computer and the television and they even gave me a camera with it. And a printer! I couldn’t get all of this at Wal-Mart or no place else. Not anywhere here.
And God bless them and I hope their business grows. I’m sure going to help them get more people.
God bless Tronix Country and uh, you’ve made a sixty one year old woman very happy."
E. Phillips
"I am so glad they have a company like Tronix that will trust people to stand on their word. And I appreciate the company and this is the second computer that I bought."
B. Barnes
Columbus, GA
"I’m really psyched and happy about getting my computer today…I love Tronix Country very very much."
L. Craig
Atlanta, GA
"I went to Dell and couldn’t do it, I went to Wal-Mart and it was too expensive but I went to Tronix with my job and I got the computer and they sent me my printer and now I’m going to get a laptop and I’m very happy."
M. Fauston
West Palm Beach, FL
"Thank you so much. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen something [computer] so pretty and I work at Wal-Mart and I haven’t seen one like that there…honestly"
D. Velasquez
El Monte, CA
"I’m very happy. You’d never be able to get what I got from you guys at any rent a center or anyplace or Wal-Mart or Wally World. Do not go there. Tronix is the place to go."
C. Akins
Stuart, FL
"I really like Tronix. Umm, I had poor credit because of my ex-husband and to find out that I was able to get this computer and have it deducted from my monthly payment was really… it really surprised me and I love, I love it…I was waiting for them to deliver it and when the guy came I couldn’t believe that was actually true, so I very much like you to know I love Tronix umm they were there and helped me when I needed a computer."
Patricia K
Rome, PA
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